Seven of my favourite books

There is currently a decent reading trend happening on Facebook. I am not a huge facebook fan but I thought I would participate in here. After all this is my world.

7 of my favourite books. No explanation. No other words.

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Some of these have been taken from my childhood, others are more recent discoveries. All of have influenced me in some way.

Do you have seven favourite books you would like to share, or just one?


Book Review: LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff


  • Dystopian future
  • Badass protagonist
  • Amusing sidekicks
  • Androids/Cyborgs
  • Puppy

This book is exactly what the cover states, tragic love story meets post apocalyptic America, with some androids, super powers and a bit of Russian Revolution mythos thrown in.

Because, why not?

Fast paced with fantastic world building, Kristoff takes you along for a journey you didn’t realise you wanted let alone needed.  As my first foray into YA (I was seriously scarred for life after the Twilight fiasco) I am glad I made the leap. The 15 year old in me was cheering from the sidelines whilst thirty something year old me (proving you are never too old to read and enjoy YA) is about to get her book club to read it. 

This book has brought back some teenage nostalgia, so I am off to watch Tank Girl!

Read it. Everyone needs to have a little bit of post apocalyptic girl buddy escapades in their lives.