Finding your writing tribe!

Its two days until the Romance Writers Australia (RWA) annual conference, can you tell I am excited??? Spoiler alert: I am! Last year I attended my first RWA conference, and it was an eye opener. It was full of fantastic craft workshops, great networking events and more importantly, I found my tribe. I have readContinue reading “Finding your writing tribe!”

Books, podcasts, tv shows … oh my!

A little late, but I have had a whirlwind couple of months. Here are my July recommendations! Audiobook: I have recently rediscovered my love of audiobooks. There is something magical about listening to a story; I think that as a reader, you pick up so many different nuances and emphasis from the narrator. It doesContinue reading “Books, podcasts, tv shows … oh my!”

Writing Accountability May Recap and June Goals

I reached my May writing goal!!! I am super excited that I managed to accomplish this feat, and as I promised myself, I’m rewarding myself with a new pair of shoes and a candle making kit. Ok, the last part was a new edition. I do have two more days of writing, but I thoughtContinue reading “Writing Accountability May Recap and June Goals”