Finding your writing tribe!

Its two days until the Romance Writers Australia (RWA) annual conference, can you tell I am excited???

Spoiler alert: I am!

Last year I attended my first RWA conference, and it was an eye opener. It was full of fantastic craft workshops, great networking events and more importantly, I found my tribe.

I have read countless articles about the importance of finding your tribe, and like many other people, I paid it off. I am at heart an introvert, the last thing I ever want to do is mingle with strangers, but I can honestly say that it was worth it. A writer’s conference is probably the only type of event, where introverts surround you and everyone wants to discuss their favourite books or what they are writing.

If you haven’t worked up the courage yet to attend one, even for a day. Be brave. Take the plunge.  It’s worth it!

Books, podcasts, tv shows … oh my!

A little late, but I have had a whirlwind couple of months. Here are my July recommendations!

Audiobook: I have recently rediscovered my love of audiobooks. There is something magical about listening to a story; I think that as a reader, you pick up so many different nuances and emphasis from the narrator. It does help when the narrator is the author himself. This month I loved re-listening to Stardust by Neil Gaiman. If you love stories about mythical lands, hero quests with a bit of a love story; this is the audiobook for you. And, in my ever humble opinion, Neil Gaiman’s voice is divine and lyrical and is a must to listen to!

Book: Well, it has been on by TBR pile since it was released, and it was my turn to pick a book for my local book club. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. I picked this as most of my book club dosen’t read romances, and I thought this was a good introduction. Everyone loved it and thought it was cute! If you want to read a gender twist on the story of Pretty Woman with a great three dimensional female lead, than I highly recommend reading it.

Movie: Always be my maybe (Netflix). If you haven’t watched this fabulous rom com with the greatest ever Keanu Reeves appearance, you have been living under a rock. Watch It! The memes are with it.

Podcast: Chernobyl. I listened to this podcast before I saw the series – to be honest it is on my to watch list – which is getting bigger and bigger, thank you Stranger Things. The podcast is a great companion to the series, it explains how they merged people, why they chose specific accents and the science behind the explosion.

What have you been watching, reading or listening to???

Any recommendations you would like to share?

Creative dates

I first came across this term listening to the often hilarious ‘So you want to be a writer ?’ podcast and was totally intrigued by the concept of going on solo dates in order to refuel and expose myself to different types of creativity.

In true me form, I first heard the term two years ago, and it has only taken me until this month, to start to implement it. 

Sometimes life gets in the way.

This month, I managed to go on three creative dates, the first two solo, the third with a plus one (who may not have appreciated it as much as I did).

Were the solo dates awkward? Hell no. Although that may be the introvert in me coming out.

 As part of my journey to embrace all creativity and experiences, I went and saw a documentary about spiders, spider sex and Neil Gaiman (not necessarily in that order), a tour of a destitute asylum in Adelaide and a murder and mayhem tour of Adelaide.

One of the older buildings in Adelaide, located on the old grounds of the destitute asylum

For such a quiet city, known affectionately as the city of churches, it has some interesting figures and murders. The latter two dates may have been fuelled by my true crime obsession. Mmmm.

Street art during the Murder and mayhem tour of Adelaide, HIndley st.

Next up I have a tour of cemetery, a live podcast and a theatre production.

At the very least I wont be bored. 

Do you go on creative dates? Or do you have different ways of being inspired?