Books, podcasts, tv shows … oh my!

Welcome to my monthly recommendations, the aim of this post is to let you know about my latest obsessions and what I have been reading, watching or listening to. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Books. Ok, this month I have two recommendations, my non-fiction recommendation is Deep Work by Cal Newport. As I indicatedContinue reading “Books, podcasts, tv shows … oh my!”

I’m back…I think

I’ve been kinda distracted for the last six weeks. Going away for work will do that to a person, unfortunately I barely had enough time to sleep let alone write. But I’m ok with that (well maybe without the sleep depravation), I think I needed the time away. The pockets of spare moments I hadContinue reading “I’m back…I think”

Red Sand, open land… desert dreaming

Some times work can be fun! Last week I found myself traversing across the red deserts of South Australia. There are not enough words to explain the beauty of the Outback. I know, a funny thing for an inspiring writer to put down in text. I have always been fascinated by deserts, there is aContinue reading “Red Sand, open land… desert dreaming”